Corrosion Coatings

Flowline Alaska has been applying corrosion coatings to North Slope bound line pipe since 1992. Historically fusion bonded epoxy (FBE) coating application requirements had been limited to road, stream and river crossings. Since 2006 all client installed cross country pipe lines and the majority of the well pad piping have been externally FBE coated prior to insulation.

Our on site facilities are setup to apply a full range of corrosion coatings to steel line pipe and fittings. We have the capability to apply single and dual layer fusion bonded epoxy (FBE), inorganic zinc primers, urethanes, mastics, and liquid epoxies, among others. We have applied corrosion coatings for customers from a variety of manufacturers including Valspar, DuPont NapGard, 3M Skotchkote, Carboline, and Devoe.


Flowline has a fusion bonded epoxy (FBE) coating production line capable of coating 12,000 lf of 12” x .500wt pipe per shift. The operation allows year round application with available coating thickness of 16 mils (single layer) to 40+ mils (dual layer). Flowline’s automated FBE production line has the ability to coat pipe in lengths up to 83’.


Flowline also has the production capacity for applying liquid coatings with on site equipment that includes a 10,000 ft3 ventilated paint booth, 10,000 ft3 steel grit blasting booth, 550 ft3 high temperature baking oven; two (2) rotary screw air compressors supplying 1,000 CFM of dry, oil-free air, a VOC reclaim distillation system to eliminate all solvent disposal and associated hazardous material handling requirements and numerous induction coils. These facilities allow us to coat induction bends, straight run pipe in lengths less than 40’, and fittings. Our services also provide for blast cleaning and application of weld kit coatings as specified by clients (either FBE powder or liquid coatings).


Flowline has developed a proprietary traceability program that is used to collect in-process data for our clients’ final reporting requirements. The program allows entry and tracking of heat numbers and production numbers against each pipe processed in our facilities. This is done by collecting data at each critical station in our production facility while processing double joint welds, FBE coating, insulation application, and final shipping. This system allows for final traceability documentation to be delivered via electronic means to the client and their installation contractors.